David Bachman is an internationally published freelance commercial photographer based in the West View suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Working nationwide with a diverse clientele for nearly two decades, David's experience in everything from fashion to photojournalism to advertising and beyond makes him well qualified to create impressive images in any situation. Along with understanding lighting and composition, David also understands budgets and deadlines and will work to ensure that your project is a resounding success.

David is the official photographer for the Pittsburgh Opera, and also works closely with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. He has been instrumental in the growth of Whirl Magazine to become the premiere luxury lifestyle publication in Pennsylvania. David is also the official photographer for the Pittsburgh Athletic Association and does much work with Carnegie Mellon University, The University Of Pittsburgh and UPMC.

David holds degrees in Photography and Computer Science. He has exhibited in the Blackthorne Gallery in NYC, the Silver Eye Gallery in Pittsburgh and has been awarded the 'Master Of The Craft For Excellence & Achievement' honor by the Art & Fashion Group International.

You can view more of David's work at:

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